I’m an interaction designer studying at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. I'm originally from Nanchong, a small city in Sichuan, China.

I consider my life as a designer as a fight against the clutter. I like making sense of mess, understanding complex systems, and visualizing information for different audiences.
My approach to interaction design starts with focus. I define problems through exploration, research, and system thinking on their relationship to the larger context. I locate opportunities within the journeys, imagine possibilities through brainstorming, prioritize the concepts depending on the objectives, refine solutions together with people who’ll benefit from the design, and visualize the future through story-telling.
Outside the designer life, I’m an alternative music lover with earphones on all day, but pop music is my guilty pleasure.
I’m also into video gaming. Check my highlights here. Maybe I'll become a streamer on Twitch someday...... Just saying.


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